i am clueless. sorry i cant help u out buddy!
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I'm not sure. I use a direct connection, Bouna. However, the wireless router I have is Netgear, you might wanna look into that, it hasn't let me down. I'll do some research into a good modem for you, too, and I'll post my findings in here shortly.

As for you, Sang, I have no information regarding fraps at all, but I lol'd at the picasso+cubism

EDIT: I found this post in the xbox 360 forums

"You can get a great Linksys Modem/Router. Model number is WAG54GS

I have that one and it runs perfectly.

It has the modem built in, so you need to know all your details, etc then it has 4 ethernet ports on the back. Simply connect Xbox 360 to that and your up and running."
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Black one is quite nice, however because you are of the bigger build, the white one may look better on you. It's a tough choice though :0 I would get both if it was up to me.
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Black one rapes the other :3
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