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Jesus you listened to it for 1 min, its a 4 min song.

No man, you don't understand haha I gave 5/10 for the ManlyPotato's song, but BigGunz and you posted before me, ie, ninja'd. After I posted my song I heard your song.
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I'll start this up again:


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w0w they stole this beet frum kid cudi /s

Anyway this song is just trying to be The Arcade Fire way too hard, it feels like they're being "emotional" without any real feeling behind it to me.


[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
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It was interesting. I liked the instrumentals, but the vocals kinda threw me off.

I would say 7/10.

A hasbeen like the rest
indie garbage/10

this album is wonderful, and very impressive knowing vashti was in her early sixties when she recorded this
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