In pm you told me to come ask for one
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gives me all the stuffs now! :3!! alls ofs its!!! :3

JK..... just want to say thanks to ZENBOY123 for giving newbies a chance to get items for free!! qwq
but why...
Awww thx destred (^v^) I realised how hard it is at first and I remembered how I use to think wow that guy has 50k he is so rich XD And now I have a lot of TC so I want to share it :) Heh, I remember how trying to get Full Orc or Gladiator used to be such a dream of mine XD Then me and my friend MinerIE now known as Miner won like 3k each(or like 5k for him cuz he betted bigger :P) and we were so happy and felt so rich and we were like OH WOW DOOD 3k!!! And then we thanked imapirate for winning and making us money and he said that he usually isn't happy when people make money off him but for us he's happy about it :D And I bought amethyst trails(Heh, I miss those I might buy more :P I remember how much I used to like them XD And they actually look really cool amiright?) and he bought some Cobra and Marine stuff and then we both got rich eventually and forgot how hard it used to be and how much it meant :') Then I remembered it all and felt I needed to help Beginners the best I can because it'll make them so happy :) I know it would've made me extremely happy back then :) It can't just be all about profit, it needs to be about doing the right thing too and being nice and making people happy :) We aren't just animals eating eachother for TC, no matter where we are whether it's online or at home, we, are people, and that should never change and we should never forget that :) Once We3dB0ng gave me like 3 or 4k and I was like woaaaaah thank you so much! I wanna share that happiness. Toribash can be a friendlier, politer, and better place if we all join together and help eachother :) World Peace or even World Stability is very hard because of the scale that is 7 Billion people but Toribash only has upwards of 1,000,000 people registered and even less still active so making a difference is not impossible. We are a relatively small community that can work together to make it a very happy place :') We are all here for a long time there's no denying that so let's use our time to be productive here in the Toribash Community :) So everyone, friends, aquaintances, even poeple who disagree with me, join me :) To make Toribash a better place. Thank you...[Applause](Jk :P I wish that there was a live audience though because I like this speech :D :P It was actually right off the top of my head I didn't pause to think I just kept on going :) Thanks for reading this.)
P.S. A lot of the things I mentioned in the flashback happened many years ago I just really have an amazing memory XD Oh and I forgot to mention that one time a guy gave me 100TC to help me out when I asked :) That was so nice.
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Sending a grip -_-"
Seriously stop requesting if you don't need it because beginners need it more -_- Donate instead.
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