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Who are you? Who, who? Who, who?

This thread is just going to be active long enough for me to figure out who everyone is and doing some...spring cleaning of the roster in preparation for a clan revamp, since it's really gone to shit (my bad).

Let's kick it off with a simple question.

What is the EliteZ account in the leader section of the clan? I feel like I should know this one, but I have forgotten so I need reminding D:

I look forward to figuring out who you all are, and reuniting with those of you that I already know well (looking at you, Snooky)
[elite] Sarutobi ~ Ryland Gomez [elite]
im banned
my main is ancient
i dont think you might know me
whats up dawggggggggggggggggggggg
hentai for senpai :3~~ >~<
hello im banned for acc sharing with the fool above me my main was "dank"
i can almost drink legally and im currently in college for it/programming/cybercrime
i dont play much tb anymore but i will probably check out toribash next, im mainly playing PUBG nowadays
if you wanna hit up my steam to play anything together links here

i also really enjoy listening to music
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are you shy? That's cute ;)
Might hit you up for PUBG if this computer can run it well enough. I sent you a friend request regardless, though. I'm Ryland.

I still want to know what that EliteZ account is :O
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[elite] Sarutobi ~ Ryland Gomez [elite]
Elitez is my alt, just put it there in case I removed myself from leadership role because I've almost done that by accident a few times lmao.
It was just necessary due to none of the other leaders having activity.
My English is becoming really foreign sounding ...
Im kozmonaut my main is Kunt but its old usernames were Kozmo and Kozmonaut, i got toxic on that account so i use this account for the forums now so i can kinda start over
Im samux57, smaux57 and shnok.
i "scammed" someone... I'm getting unbanned soon.
joined 2 years ago i guess
feeling like im going to get kicked after your "cleaning of the roster in preparation for a clan revamp".
i hope you dont
Also, my steam:
My Heart Beats For Hardstyle
So long as you're not a prick, you own up to your mistakes, and you work to represent the clan and yourself in a good light (or better light if you're fucking up), that's what matters to me and that's what should matter to everyone.
Maturity goes a long way with everything in life, and this clan is no exception.
To clarify, you can make dick jokes and still be a mature person.

So, I assume these individuals deserve "Elite" status in the roster for the reasons mentioned below. Correct me if I am mistaken!

Kunt: Kosmo's been around a while and seems to be in the clan to stay. ILU.
tantoehard: I don't remember how they are as a person, but I know they've been around for quite a while. Curious as to how reliable their activity is, though.
Azion: Earned it. Active enough, friendly, clan loyalty, etc.
These individuals I'm worried about, details below.

JesseBean: Pretty freakin' OG member at this point, but hasn't been active for two months. What's up with him? Does anyone know?
Sniper: I'm less worried about Sniper and more completely clueless. I'd just like to know a little about Sniper, why they're up in the Elite area, if they went by any other names in the past that I would remember, etc.
These individuals will be dealt with somehow.

QualityBJ: Formerly known as damasta, extreme OG member (before I was even in the clan). I've kept his account around in the clan out of respect, even though he quit the game. I'll be making a "Hall of Fame" category or something of the like for the OG members that aren't active anymore.
Sangriento: My buddy Hugo, same concept as QualityBJ. Might be able to get him to pop in and say hi sometime, we talk on Facebook once in a while :P
tl;dr: Who the fuck is Sniper?
Just saw the honorable past members area, moving aforementioned members to that area.
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Im kozmonaut my main is Kunt but its old usernames were Kozmo and Kozmonaut, i got toxic on that account so i use this account for the forums now so i can kinda start over

Would you rather have Kunt or Kozmonaut in the "Elite" area (as your main)?
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[elite] Sarutobi ~ Ryland Gomez [elite]
Sniper is a dude who joined around the same time as Azion if I remember correctly. Was a cool guy who was fairly active and loyal to the clan leading to them getting into Elite ranks.

They've been fairly inactive lately most likely due to school or lack of interest in the game (which is fair at this point due to less people playing in general.)

Still deserves the position imo but moving him to an inactive rank or something similar wouldn't hurt if you want to clean up the ranks a bit.
Im planning on getting a namechange on Kunt sometime soon ish to try and clean my rep and start over, you can put this account in the elite rank if you think it would make the clan look better, it doesnt really matter to me at the moment