Market Squad Recruitment Drive
So, new things.
1) I've gotten even lazier, and I'm just going to lackadaisically try to figure out who the rest of the clan members are. I'll only boot due to extreme inactivity (~1 year) and after an announcement and week delay. In any other instance, it would be after I get ToriPrime so I can be a real cool leader and do detective work. So, for now, everything's cool in that regard. However...
2) We need more people. We need active players and stuff. I'm going to make a recruitment thread tomorrow, and if you don't like it you can kiss my brown eye and tell me your opinion.
3) I think I've become too vulgar for a game full of children. Quick, someone get me into OLDA.
[elite] Sarutobi ~ Ryland Gomez [elite]
They're corrupted children anyway with their rap music and their hentai.
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All kind of hentai is gay.

trap hentai is pretty straight tho
are you shy? That's cute ;)