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(Decap) - Decapitate & Slaughter Recruitment

The first wave of open invitations are now over. Unless you are truly exceptional or a friend of the clan, you must now write an application.

Post here in a free form style to be assessed for Decapitation And Slaughter.

Warring clan taking on new and old members.

Most of our members have invite priv, feel free to meet them ingame if you think you can impress them with your skill/personality.Note: An application is the most effective way of being noticed.

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<Diamond> I gotta say I think you're wonderful, stay that way. Or be more wonderful if you wish.
Hello Decapitate & Slaughter , i am chatogato and i want to get invited in your clan because its a strong clan and i like it. Oh and i was tested by Onix ^^

Some details about me here:
Name : Damien
age : 13
country : France
GTM : +1 i think but im not sure
What can i do for the clan ? One more strong guy for you <3 thats cool ?

Some other shit obout my life:
I born the 13th july 2004 , i started toribash in february 2015(my main Blobus1234 is unbanned in 2 days..),i directly fell in love with this game and the same year met Onix (with hiw old name Yaniskill) and some other guys who are my friends now.
I started the Spar/Parkour when i was brown belt and now im pretty got at that and im a Mod Maker.
In the end of 2016 , i started the Aikido Big Dojo and now i keep playing it with my friends and in duels :^)
Now in 2017 , i try to be item forger , im an 3D modeller and a texture maker , and today , i try to be in your clan.
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I am a brown belt in Toribash and im active almost every day. I am decent at ABD and i specalize in Mushu and .
Some days i might not be on due to schools and stuff, but I will try my best to participate in wars and such, and overall I would be happy to join your clan.