Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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(HAWK) Recruitment
In order to get to our normal thread, Just go to this link:

Apart from that, This is our recruiting center. Please, Read the rules on the clan thread, Okay? If you don't, You'll just tick us all off.

Now, Down to business, Welcome to our mat. If you wish to be recommended as a part of our clan, please follow this setup:
Usefulness to our clan:
Best Mods:
Worst Mods:

If you don't follow this setup, You will NOT be accepted as a part of this clan. Plain and simple, Right? Otherwise, Check out our other stuff for the clan at our main thread. Thank you, And good-luck.
I didin't actually beat her.
Age:13 (Have to admit i'm a kid.)
Belt:Yellow(I suck at this game.)
Usefulness to our clan:I really don't know how i'll be useful to your causes.
Skills:I'm able to rip heads off.
Weaknesses:Being grabbed.
Best Mods:I don't have one.
Worst Mods:All of them.(I think anyway.)
Other:I'm joining cause this seams a great clan to practice and learn new stuff. (like running)
Howl At The Moon When Danger Rises
Ok. you want to join. Sorry to say but having low belt will hurt the clan get up to a brown belt quick ill see if some1 can help you train and belt up ok
can't touch this
Age:10 (Way too young.)
Belt:Brown Belt (Suprising for a 10 year old.)
Usefulness to our clan:Nothing I have in mind.
Skills:Unexpected Decaps.
Weaknesses:Noob moves.
Best Mods:Aikido
Worst Mods:Wushu,Mushu and Taekyyon
Other:May help in the mods I'm bad at.
Age: 13
Belt: Green
Usefulness to the clan: Can't think of anything right now
Skills: Dodging and unexpected wins
Weaknesses: Noob Clap
Best mods: Judo and twin swords
Worst Mods: Mushu and Lenshu
Other: I would like to improve and have fun with a clan. (such as my running)
Usefulness to our clan:I am not to easy to defeat and not to hard to defeat so I could fight against the people who you want to recruit.
Skills:I'm not continuos and never give up.
Weaknesses:I end up moving away from the opponent if I don't grab onto them.
Best Mods:I have not familiarised myself with them.
Worst Mods: have not familiarised myself with them.
Other:If you want to see me battle again plz don't put me up against snackk.
Age: 11
Belt: brown
Usefulness to our clan: Non
Skills: Balanceing
Weaknesses: Non
Best Mods:Taekkyon
Worst Mods: Katana
Other: I've been in the clan: The solar Empire
niceKE you can join
lopeckable and manofox try getting up to brown belt because we only accept brown belt and up
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can't touch this