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Ectoplasm Lag
Ectoplasm item is super cool looking, but FadedDreams is using it and it is lagging me from a consistent 60 to sub 40 fps (it could very well be a combination of items he is using or something idk). Me and other players have experienced the lag in the lenshu3 pub lobby when playing with faded too. Just wanted to report figured this was best spot for it.
ayy lmao
You can set 3D items to only show during replays or keep them always hidden.
Ectoplasm Tori is a full body set so it's obviously going to affect performance on older hardware, that's the expected behavior.

If you're sure your PC is capable of running Toribash at proper fps without any issues, make sure your graphics settings are set up properly. This thread may help if you have Nvidia graphics: