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《Here's a replay of maikei11》
《Here's a replay of maikei11》
欢迎大家 !!!
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Damn, Nice Sparring style. It is very similar to "Flash" in my perspective. You are very underrated tho. Just keep posting your cool stuff. You might become popular someday
Why dont u people read the rules and do some researches before posting. It's now allowed for ppl to post mp rpls in the sp board in order to boost their clan activity.
@ Maikei!! So glad that you finally made a thread! You've progressed so much in so little time, I really lIke the way you are shaping your style, I don't really think theres much to say other than keep doing the great job, I really enjoy the fact that you've come all this way on your own, noticing and correcting your mistakes on your own, not too many people are able to be like that, keep practicing bro! y(^ヮ^)y
Never inactive, just slow sometimes.
wow, you really are underrated as fuck.
your movements are so clean.
keep doing the amazing work maikei!

Love your movement, hope you improve some more and gain the credit you deserve! I really want to see more from you, you’re amazing.
yeah ok
Thank you for your attention
I think I need to practice my legs more
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