Market Squad Recruitment Drive
I go xbl live for christmas, aswell as the xbox360 elite. I'm gonna set up my XBL, and i'll tell you the name later.
Yeah, i'm the Boxman
<~ishi> damnit ishi where are you.
My XBL is xExI FlynNx (My bro also uses this XBL account)
My Friend Code varies on the game, for some reason. I'll post it soon.
[04:34] <siku> i can already tell you 2 are awful since piratez is a terrible clan that cares about post count above everything else
Mr.Teapawt they mean when you go to your messages on wii your address so we can send each other wii messages to find out yours go to your address book

Mine is- 7342-0317-5711-2081

I play Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty 5
Guitar Hero World tour
Dj Hero
Uqh...... Idk what to put here.
I constantly change my friends name. I think it's something like Jiggly Powers or Your Best Friend.
I have L4D CS:S and GMod.
I change my name alot so no point in me giving you it.

I have the Valve complete pack.
<@Cevius> hell, my porn folder is only...
<@Cevius> 14gb, in 20600 files