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Why did you name yourself ishi?

Ishi is called Ishi because he is Ishi, he did not choose the Ishi, Ishi chose him and, at the same time, was and is him. Ishi doesn't need any ishplanation; Ishi just is...

I hope that answered your question.

All this BS about Ishi being Illuminati. Illuminati isn't real idiots! Ishi made it up as a front to hide his nefarious and terrible schemes to flatten all of the world as we know it and replace the earth we know with a smooth sphere of black and red. You have all been warned. I know what you are Ishi! You can't hide the truth from us any longer! You may try to cover this up but you can't do it forever, people will find out.

And also, you sly, devious, (and rogueishly handsome) swine, if you had to choose between them, which colour/hue/shade/whatever do you prefer between black and red?
Good morning sweet princess
Red or black?
No choices, one or the other.
You knew the day you would have to show your true alliances would come.
Choose, and seal your destiny by the power of the mahogany tree
Hey ishi, you should repost the pics of you cross-dressing.

<Ownzilas> Alright
<Ownzilas> 3'2 then
<Ownzilas> Half PID's dick.

ishi I've always envisioned you as looking like your avatar irl. Is it tru?
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