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WolfPack Recruitment

We are just a chill clan here to Chill and Vibe out we where formed early in 2021 with the goal to become
one of the best tori bash clans there is then we finally made our way to 4th top clan until a lot of us went inactive
so we are currently going through a soft restart and working our way back up to 4th and hopefully higher

Have more than 60 hours on the game
Please for the love of god don't be a squeaker
Don't be a really toxic everyone's a bit but if ya blatantly coming for someone's throat don't come to us
Remember this is only a game so don't have a tantrum when something doesn't go your way
Be Black Belt or above
Must have discord we need ways to speak to You

if you would wish to war with us you can contact our zeta
newlord -GOD wolf#2681
Amielkapo -amielkpo#6387

if you would like to apply to join us you can go to this link
Join Our Discord

Top 10 [] I 50 posts on forum [] I Level 4 [X]
Top 25 [] I 25 posts on forum [] I Level 8 [X]
Top 50 [] I 10 posts on forum [X] I Level 10! [X]
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We almost official boyos
soon we will be able to have cool tags
who here wants to learn about our lord and saviour astolfo the trap fucker that is
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Alpha Of All Wolves
(ComicSanz btw (: )