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Toribash 5.23 beta 1 (Steam, all platforms)
How to get the update:
In your Steam games library, right-click Toribash, select properties, navigate to betas tab and select "beta" branch.

This update mainly contains new main menu. To enable it, input /opt newmenu 1 (or 0 to disable).
Majority of currently used art is temporary and will be changed for next betas and final release.



  • Nicer looking fullscreen UI
  • Upgraded Matchmaking screen with your ranking info
  • Upgraded Login Rewards screen (shouldn't skip rewards anymore)
  • Your account info on top right bar (head avatar, username, clan, tc, st (currently disabled) and qi)
  • Works with custom player GUI textures (logo, header, splat)
  • Works with custom player sounds

Currently disabled:

  • Shiai Balance
  • Atmospheres button (Tools section)
  • Discover button (Mods section)
  • Comeback Practice button (Practice section)
  • No Login Reward on client start (can still be accessed anytime by pressing bottom right button)
  • No way to access Flame Forger and certain other misc tools
  • Only English language (will post translation details later)

Known Bugs:

  • Any old running script will get terminated once you open main menu (this includes Torishop)
  • While viewing Home tab, events section will be displayed on top of other scripts that use toriui/uielement.lua manager (this includes clans ui, tc purchase screen and other recently added scripts)
  • Claiming daily reward may freeze and/or crash your game client

Any user who finds a new bug will be rewarded with 10K TC.
All ideas and suggestions are welcome!
И это че, мне теперь играть снова?
V.V.V.W.: Versatile Violence and Vengeance Worke
cool update
keep it up
not out for standalone? what is this sir
you said you will release the 5.22 with the next update (5.23)
where is it?
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Wow, i like what you guys did to the old blank interface.
Who did the art by the way?
Current art is by Hagan, there are other ES artists helping out too.
The winrate % on the matchmaking tab cant be right. It says 34 fights with 0.53% winrate for me.
Originally Posted by torilose View Post
The winrate % on the matchmaking tab cant be right. It says 34 fights with 0.53% winrate for me.

Yep, that's a mistake, it should be 53% instead.
Sent 10k.
I don't really know if it's a bug or I'm just really picky but the text under the modmaker section on menu is invisible on a white background
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Shiai tokens in the top right are showing 0, even though I've got 1. Also nothing happens when you click the "Atmospheres" tab.

This one may be a bit of a stretch but if you open the beginners tutorial and then load a replay, the UI will be open and if you close it your HUD will be disabled until you restart the game.
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