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Toribash Replay System

I had thoughts of instead using Discord as the source for ideas where it can easily dissapear (As Guard said),

write down here instead of the ideas in discord so it's easier to find them.

The gif that Sir shared for the new upcoming idea:

Current ideas that me and other people came up with:

- Bookmark/savepoints, easier to bookmark specific times inside the replay if you're looking for something that happend during the replay or something to do with editing.

- Be able to add a text bubble over the timeline for ideas or examples so other people can see or just personal references for ideas when you make WIPs.

- Using the key O will add the bookmark/savepoint and O again on the specific time to delete it or left-click to highlight the bookmark.

- Possibly add a sequencer, just like the TBN function.

- Add visualized keyframes for camera movements.

- A cinematic/timewarp mode in which the replay plays in slowmotion during heavy hits or when players come close to each other.

- Add a gif function inside of the replay system so it's easier to share the replay faster. 10-15 sec long gif?

- Make an information tab for the replay system, so people know how to control it.

- Be able to make a direct input for the specific frame you want to go to.

If you got any ideas for the replay system, comment down below so it's easier to find them!
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