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straight into multiplayer or single player option for new players.
An option to go into Single player or Multiplayer at the start of the game & a tutorial on how to make fun replays with examples of clicking joints - this tutorial can move onto them actually making a replay.

Someone else gave me this idea for the start of the game when players go through the intro before starting anything. His post

So I'll give me view on it and what could be added for new players that have no idea what replay making is, this will make it so much easier for them to learn what replay making is and might find it more entertaining than the basic multiplayer/competitive side of toribash.

Replay making is a pretty neat aspect of toribash and It's pretty much the main part of this game but there is no learning part for it and so this is where the intro/tutorial comes into play - After the first intro when loading toribash it could give the player two choices to either go into straight into multiplayer or single player, let's say they click on single player, it can transition into another tutorial but for replay making or even just a tutorial to give the new player a basic view on what replay making is with some examples on what joints to press and to help them make a simple replay for themselves to get an idea.
I'm sure some of the current replay makers such as pusga, glimpsed, matarika and plenty of others to help out with this tutorial.
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