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Toribash All-Stars Event
this is basically toribash worlds. each country will have 12 players, 2 substitutes and 1 captain. the amount of players can be lowered if this becomes an issue. this tournament SHOULD be easy to organize because every player on one team is required to live in the same country. this tournament is to find out who the strongest team in the world are.

how does one become a team captain for their country?
  • each country has a double elimination tournament with the 4 competitive mods used for CL. (Lenshu, ABD, Boxshu, TK)
  • whoever wins the tournament for that country will become the team captain and can choose 8 other players to be on their team.
  • so if i were to compete in this tournament for Team USA and i won then i become the team captain.
  • the tournament will be a first to 3 and each mod can only be played twice.
  • there must be a minimum amount of 20 players signing up for this tournament for their country to qualify
how does one become a player for that team?
  • each country will have sign-ups for each competitive mod
  • the mods will have 2 players each so you cannot sign up for multiple mods. (2 for lenshu, 2 for abd, etc.)
  • to ensure that there is no alt tomfoolery, you are required to be at least 3rd dan or above to compete. if not, sir can check ips.
  • there may or may not be an entry fee as well depending on what the general opinion is for sign-ups.
  • each team has to meet the requirement of 8 players and 1 captain to qualify. if this requirement cant be met, then they don't qualify.
okay, we've assembled our team and we are ready to compete. how does the tournament work?
  • each team will compete in a single elimination bracket.
  • the order of mods will go from lenshu, abd, boxshu and then tk.
  • each player will have a maximum of 2 games to play for that one mod.
  • for example, player 1 is playing for lenshu against player 3 and player 4. player 1 beats player 3 and now he has to play against player 4.
  • if player 1 wins, then they win the series for lenshu 2-0. THE PLAYER WHO PLAYED FOR LENSHU CANNOT PLAY ANYMORE GAMES.
  • if player 1 loses, then player 2 will play against player 4. vice versa for the other team.
  • when all 8 players are eliminated and there are players remaining on the opposing team, the team captain is allowed to play against the rest with the losing captain's chosen mods until the captain loses.
  • for example, if im team captain and my team got eliminated, then it is up to me to try and bring the game back and eliminate everyone else on the other team. to make it easier on the captain, i am allowed to choose the same mod 8 times. if i bring it back and win then our team gets to advance.
i want to know what u guys think of this idea

should the tournament format be changed for the captains?
should there be a tournament for players to enter?

plz let me know