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Poker: An alternative to betting
My idea was (and it is applicable right now, just that it is over a third-party) give the Buy-In (let's say 50k) to a trustworthy person, and then invite them to a website called .

There, you can specify the Buy-In, Small Blind, Big Blind etc. (No registration, log-ins needed, you can instantly start the game)

You would only need about 5 minutes to set up a game of max. 8-9 people.

You would basically send them a link for a poker-room (Example:
For instance, try to start a game here, it's easy:

My suggestion would be having a bot collect the Buy-Ins and have the redirection to the website be hosted over official Toribash channels as it is (bannable) as of now.
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Could we still do it in a private party (with TC stakes)? Or would that be bannable as well?
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