Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
i never usualy try to do a madman but recently (b4 reading this)

i was watching some vids and said to myself

damn i wish i was that bad ass

so this is what i did

1-the setup -randomest joint confuigeration u can possably think of limp swings are good starts

2- the strike -well depending on whae u do first you should go for what ever is going at uke first then maby after first hit come back with a grab and finnish the job lol

3- the finnisher -well not realy a way to actualy "finnish" it just untill theres no more stuff to grab or u are going in the wrong direction or untill theres nothing left

HINT-use the legs in a scisoring motion not a striking motion scisor kicks are more likely to break a joint rather then a plain kick
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Here is some more tips from me.
-Relaxed style movements are the easiest way to build up momentum, therefore that makes you hit harder. Giving you an increased chance of breaking something.
-If you are going to grab something, grab the joint, not the limb. Because grabbing a limb wont break anything unless you hit it with extreme force. Grabbing the limb will make it sooooo much easier to break something
-Also, the neck is an amazingly weak joint, but it is difficult to hit sometimes. Give that thing a nice firm grab and the head pops right off.
-Try to make everything stylish and not so stiff, because most beginners start out with basic hold all symmetrical movements.
-Keep everything moving smoothly and efficiently
-I'm going to add more later

Here is a few replays I just made a few minutes ago

Pirate, if you'd like you can add this info onto the first post.
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Also an tip to hit hard is to try to get hold of an dismembered part of uke and slam it into the part you have left in your hand. (this is mostly not at the beginning, or if you make a madman starting with ripping off your own arm)
in my example, i remove an pec and make the rest of the body red and after that i slam the body with my hand that had just let go of the leg, making the head and another pec go off.
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Ah, another little neat tweak that I forgot to mention earlier.

There will be a time where you've got some rather nice replay going, figure out some move that will just be the perfect cap to your replay, but you're running out of frames. If this happens, save the replay as is, then open it up in a text editor (Notepad will work fine). You'll see a line like the following somewhere near the top of the file:

NEWGAME 0;500 10 0 0 0 2 100 0 0 classic 0 0 100 100 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 0

This line affects the game's parameters (basically all the stuff in the Game Rules menu). You can change the first number after the semicolon (the 500, in this case) to the number of frames you want the match to be. Once you've changed the number, save the file. Now you can play the replay (which will now have the larger number of match frames) and edit it normally.
It's a lot easier to just go T and then "/sf <total number of frames>", without the quotes...
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It's a lot easier to just go T and then "/sf <total number of frames>", without the quotes...

Ah, well, that's even easier. Didn't even know about that one.