Muay Thai Championship Series 2020
Clan Administrators have the same in-game privileges as a normal user.

Their forum abilities involve moderating the official clan boards, Clan Discussion, and Clan Events. Also, Clan Administrators can edit most Toriclan information, such as adding clans, removing clans, changing members and leaders, forum board links, clan descriptions, and clan images.
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The Nabi Daily Tournament Organization!
Tournaments Sponsored by Nabi Studios

Cindermomo - Founder, Tournament Host

Btw, Promo-Team was formerly known as the Daily Tournament Group/Team.

I dont know if this is anything to add.
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Actually, registry keys don't work anymore. You might wanna put that up thar.
[23:23:53] <AndChat|700625> Blue eyes ultimate dragon best card
[23:24:29] <AndChat|700625> You know the one with 3 heads
[23:24:39] <~Lightningkid> just like my dick

[11:35:40] <box> Hampa suck
[11:36:21] <hampa> not the first to tell me that today
hm, nice Seems like it must have taken a long time to put together, but I know this would have been helpful when I first started.
Organisation of Awesome: Member.
Every once and a while there is a ToriAgent Poll Thread. The applicants post the applications with refferrals, reason you would like to become one, etc,.
This was the most recent one: &

GameKeepers, from what I have heard/experienced, are picked by tournament consistency and quality.

Promo-Team members are hand-picked from the members in it, they will take you under their wing and see if you do a goo enough job doing whatever we tell you to do.