ES Recruitment Drive
opener is generic.
hits are damn insane.
the pec jungling part was really good.
nicely aimed skeet.
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Personally, I think the execution of the opener made it look less generic than it should, which is a good thing.
First hit was badass and gave you lots of momentum for the second kick. Second kick made the replay for me. The insanely fast spin to a chest boom was just too well executed. Arm throw for the glute and hip dm looked a bit uninteresting but that shit is hard af to pull off so I'll give you props for that. Pec juggling to skeet made for a fantastic ending for the replay.

tl;dr: You are insane
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I'll make this one short since I suck at writing CnCs...

Even though the opener was mildly generic, the rest of the replay was fucking phenomenal.
That second kick was the shit.
And skeet is neat.

Holy shit.
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how the fuck did u do that first part that shit made me emotional man
kinda think the 2nd lift looked a bit sloppy because you bumped into him and made a few contacts ya should try avoid like the chest/glute at around 308 but i guess it woulda been really hard to avoid at the same time
then here i am thinking you're about to lose flow then u just call me a dumbass in replay form
entire dm sequence was fucking neat, hard to make airborne dm sequences look that nice, last 2 dms especially were really neat
opener is nice and spinny
manip is ok
boom was sexy

i'd rate it 8/10 but since you're in parrot 2/10 good job