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Highest Joint Speed in multiplayer
Couldn't find a record like this so here we go. (Except for edited ones on UKE) (Please correct me if this is the case)

Title of Record: Highest joint speed in multiplayer (239.38 )
Measurement of Record: 1000 frames
Relevant Settings: Dismember Threshold 100, Distance 80, Fracture: No
Mods Used: "classic"
Replay of Submission: See attachments.

No idea how this happened, we agreed on jumping up (this wasn't for the record, just for fun lol), alien tried to kick me whilst flying, and I kicked back, before I knew it I saw the DQ text.

Didn't even know what happened until I saw it in the replay.
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Multi player doesn't count for one, and thats a preasure break there. I don't think those count to the record even in SP.
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