World Championship 2022
i should probably post them all at once
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alright, time to write some cnc at 12am again

pk with kingkilla9

first off, the launcher and starting run were fantastic. you're getting the concept of raised shoulders, your extended glute during that first step was a little too much, but it emulates the kind of step you might take irl, well done.

try to get more air into your frontflip so you land with more of your feet underneath you. this keeps your momentum, but it'll take some getting used to, as it's hard to control. just make sure you're not losing momentum when you run, it'll create a much smoother experience.

that jump from the ledge after was not the greatest. when you jump like that, try to keep your leg from extending all the way like that, its very unappealing to the eye when it's extended like that. holding it in a slightly bent position will help. another thing that will help is having it more forward when you put the leg down. that way you won't get that weird forward lean you had when pushing off the ledge.

when you land, try to land with your leg a little more extended so you aren't so close to the ground and you won't struggle as much trying to keep and gain momentum. alot of your problem is you don't have the control and experience to keep your speed when running. work on that and your replay will look fine.

try to keep your feet from scraping alot the ground, that kills whatever speed/momentum you just gained. try to keep from extending your knees as well, do it only when you absolutely have to. you'll come to a point where you won't need to extend your knees to help you recover your run, but that takes time.

nothing to really comment on the rest of it, it's basically the same thing i've stressed this entire comment; keep your momentum. do that and you'll really start to notice the difference.

you're on the tipping edge of what makes a great parkourist, so i hope this comment helps! 6.5/10
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