the thing is: high part of you opener was just a common stand,something that generally you should do in the end of the replay.
the dmkick was alright,but in that case i would say to keep the knee relaxed after the kick,here looked like you kind of contracted and holded it.
the next kick was SUPERB,that aim was godly,And the way the lubar "standed" on you foot was epic.
the next kick was also alright,nothign soo interesting there,then you launched the pec+head to the air; this moment was good,but just a common skeet isn't know,this way was quite generic,would be better if you managed to make some good idea around it:
something as making the launch and make the hand falls on the head,this would look really cool in this replay.

other than that,you made some good stuff there,you movement reminds me of jackie chan or some other irl fighter,and most of time you keep smoothmoves updated.
that flip at the end(after the skeet) was TOTALLY SICK,

welp,overall everything you should look for is just avoiding making long stands without action,make the hits look more powerful and less robotic(not saying that you're stiff,but the time you kicked the hip you holded the knee,making you look strange),and more cool ideas.
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Sorry just checked my skype today.

You're a bit of a speed demon in this one, eh? You're a tad jittery or stiff in the left leg at the beginning, but for the most part, the replay is smooth. Good punch at the beginning, pretty bad ass looking stance too. The next followup kick(s) was good in its own way, but I actually expected you to keep rotating counter clockwise. The next raiz-ish jump was stellar, I loved how effortless it was, and the followup kick was really fitting. You even got the cock-block.

No clue how you made that mini-skeet happen... beastly. Great replay!
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Murc- Everybody dies

at the firs the opener was simple and quick i like it.
the abs punch was decend you keeped the flow witch is a good think then afterwards afer you keep uke on air you could had grabbed uke and get some more dms but u just opened leg and keeped the flow now that is your choice so i wont judge that. the groin kick was perfect with the glutes and the groin out and then the skeet was suprisingly i wasnt expecting it.
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Really cool replay, I loved the beginning especially and how you lifted uke. One gripe: I felt like I wanted more when it was ended. You had a really cool build up for one simple kick. The kick was pretty cool though, so I guess it's ok. Solid replay.
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^ Interesting.
My opinion about Many men is the opposite.
I think the manipulation was a little basic. Eventhough your movement is really flowing, i feel like there could have been more power to make uke fly.

But I absolutely like how this replay ends.
You foot is like a blade, and uke breaking his chest from falling on it is like the cream on the cake.
Also I like how you gain perfect balance for your pose in like 10 frames.

(Btw I also just watched Everybody dies, and I love it. It made me go "ooooooooh")
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I'm lovin it , I love the opener , don't have a problem with it at all... The manip was alright , nothing really special about it , though. That boom hit was insane , highlight of the replay my friend ;p.

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I thought the manip was the coolest part, manipulating something you have your back to looks pretty sweet apparently. The kick was good, best part was obviously how cleaved his chest like a laser instead of exploding it. I usually don't care about ground dismemberments that just look like they happened on their own, but these actually looked kinda cool because they reminded me of the scene in final destination when the gymnast falls on her face and breaks her back lol.
oh yeah