ty murc, this is what i managed to make
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HOly sHiT that replay was amazing loved the movement was great Love how You started the replay. didn't think a headbut in SP could work but you made it work altho you did lose a lot of momentum setting up for it i think it was well worth it
great replay, opener feels a bit sloppy, but i love what you did with it, amazing flow, frame 60-0 felt stiff, its an 8/10 from me
fimmy toribsah discorD DECAPgo be on fire somewhere elseₜₕₑ fᵢᵣetck listener

opener took a bit to get going but still decent, i like the little buildup of speed throughout the spins but the transition to the dm's felt pretty awkward

i see your back to your old tricks i see,love the split cap you've done, nice and smooth like i always remembered keep it up.

(I'm saying hello to you again )
Chab>What a dead game
bgjames1>I like WhiteF719
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Pidda's spirit animal