Ay more dms
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Pidda's spirit animal
nothing bad to say gj
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
joe is thin

wow forgot to attach the replay again
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Jessica Diamond.rpl (198.0 KB, 17 views)
Pidda's spirit animal
necrobump... pls no infrac
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amerp.rpl (220.1 KB, 21 views)
Pidda's spirit animal
on stop I like the opener so far and form keep going

amerp-i like that replay it was short and sweet but you hit you head at the end

shesh-clean manip. def.theee

Jessica diamond- all boomhits were on point and I like the style good replay

overall I liked every single replay it was unique and creative

Chab>What a dead game
bgjames1>I like WhiteF719
opener and manip were cool lookin

everything flows nicely

some original stuff

i'd wanna see the full replay done ^^

but this one was surprisingly good
Giving a "hand" for skeets.