duude thats actually pretty sick, but honestly it'd look better if there weren't those "stops" betwen the movements(sometimes you lose the momentum, making it look "weirder")

Right before the split kick you looked quite stiff, also would be better if you spinned faster, but looked pretty cool anyway.

I don't know why, but i really love the way you just "Jump" and make that decap-step thing. Looks really smooth.

good job dud
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it's a good replay because of your movement
but what i didn't like was the DM so try to fix them and best of luck
i know i know this one is twitchy and stuff but its still enjoyable
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Your ability to get and utilize wrist dms is extraordinary. How you get dm's complements your style so well. The way you move and strike effortlessly while doing so much damage has such a elegant flow to it.

White Mist is by far my favorite replay you've made easily.

This not a critique but a request, can you make lengthier replays with a more interaction with uke via manip or MM in the future? I would really love to see how you move and combo while MM or maniping uke with your movement style please?