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My first "dismemberment" Replay
Got nothing else to say except that I suck at realism, Balance and momentum.
But other than that. Enjoy.
I could use some tips here guys.
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opener is good, but stiff. Try to relax more limbs.
Your DMs are good, but make them look more powerful, and some of them need to look more clear.
You shouldn't try to have gaps inbetween your DMs, such as just as before you went into get the pec.

Yep, good replay and everything they both said.
I wouldn't like to add more. just try to use relax more than hold to decrease of the ''Robocop'' mod. your momentum control is pretty good and interesting, but you kind of relax between each dm, at very times I though you ended the replay you maybe edited it few times so it went like that, if you edit the replay make it all look like one peace, try to attack faster.
You don't really suck at realism just decrease of your robocop mode.
No one achieves the balance easily, it's amount of time, you can't just stand like a normal person here and balance easily, I would suggest you try to get a ''stance'' so you achieve the balance you want.(watch mocucha how to balance video)
it also contains a good talent called spar, which like fighting in real life so it increases your normal realism,balance and learns you how to gain and control your momentum more.
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I agree with 19th too, maybe you need to relax more joints and try to move your head a bit more, otherwise great replay.
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you sure already know how this game works.
these moves are pretty weird tho.

im excited to see if you will keep that style or start doing more realism in the future
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I'm not really into dismember replays right now. Most likely trying to master sparring and parkouring. Then I'd be ready to get into this kind of replays. But thanks.
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If you want to do a manip, use -9 - -15.
The typical madman looks better if you use -30, idk why i forgot but still it makes it look better