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Gathering replays for Toribash Next Steam trailer

We're making the first TBN trailer to put on Steam page and looking for some replays to put in there.
If you have access to the closed beta, share your cool / fun replays here.

.tbr files should be uploadable as attachments here (max size is same as for .rpl files).
there is 1 parkour replay and 1 2v1 replay [2v1 replay is really small]
edit : made some tricking thing
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parkour time boi.tbr (1.25 MB, 16 views)
Some 2v1shit.tbr (2.03 MB, 16 views)
trickaaaa.tbr (830.3 KB, 15 views)
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I Love Lil Shine!
Here it goes.throw and katana selfspar is singleplayer things - also they look bad, but anyway

3xspar made by me, Firstninja and Taekkyo in multiplayer mode.
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3xspar.tbr (3.43 MB, 13 views)
sspar.tbr (1.60 MB, 7 views)
throwtest.tbr (1.62 MB, 8 views)
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It took me ten years to find the answer to something, and I forgot about it in two seconds
Это если что тред сбора реплеев для трейлера торибаш некст.
I Love Lil Shine!
I just started to get back into Toribash so im gonna dig in my vault
Hope this helps
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Throwback 1.rpl (121.0 KB, 7 views)
Throwback 2.rpl (129.9 KB, 4 views)
Throwback3.rpl (156.5 KB, 5 views)