very nice nice very nice very nice I like this too much
i gotta learn how to tuck better like u do, youre able to keep a lot of spin, everything else was also top tier sexy c9->c9 shouldve been a crime but that vanish is rly good

pls do more different tricks sometime ok bye ily
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não dói joca
Dude I love your shmoovement style, it looks so effortless and confident. I wanna see you push it to the limits with some more variations/stalls/jank, for my personal tastes anyway. Still, really good job on this replay, I really have no complaints on the movement. It's crazy how fast you've improved in ability, now let's see some conceptual improvement
i made pk with akina but we did it in xioi style you know with real creativity.
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this is some of that useless akina esque bullshit that makes xioi wanna quit entirely
What the hell xioi, you stole half of my idea, I will press charges if you continue this blasphemy.
Dves, out.
sorry was just tryna get in on the attention whoring a lil bit


actual fun replay when it doesn't come to the blatantly not cared about parts which is like most of it, route was kinda sick tho
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
If you read epoch backwards it spells cope. And if you type that in a calculator and turn it upside down it spells dope. Those are my thoughts on the current situation, thank you for listening with your eyes
Dves, out.