I don't even know what Items to add to my tori so I don't really know
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Do you ever have a hard time running?
No? seriously?
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I find myself getting destroyed in-game.

I know, that it maybe some rust but I don't think I have actually been very good to begin with. Which is leading to quite toxic losses. Which is never fun.

So I guess the question is this, is it worth it to grind this game anymore? Would any of you? ETC..

u make ur loses toxic by urself
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u make ur loses toxic by urself

Thanks Captain Obvious, I don't like losing and I get toxic. I am sorry I should have worded it better for you.
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Indonesian? | Magical Mode!
Chronoptic energy bursts from one plane to the other, evaporating anything it touches.

My soul is lost to dueling, I always want to but always lose.

Low key an addiction!
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Apparently not when you duel scam smh
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Apparently not when you duel scam smh

It's the anger not even going to lie. I get so frustrated!
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Dueling the best people is mad expensive none of these guys want to duel for low amounts. So that one is tough. Also, I don't lose very well as anyone who knows me can vouch I rage quite hard.

I just know it's gonna take a lot to get up there in that level. Which begs the question!

That's a really nice discussion actually. I can talk only about my experience but I hope it helps somehow:

Making a long story short, played 3 years in a row, mainly single player, then I stopped for around 5 years and a half, and in 1 month I got much better at replay making (not saying that I am too good lmao) than I was in 2018, and even better at comp mods like boxshu (wtf I didn't even used to play boxshu, and now I get like, 11 win streak). But the thing is that back then it wasn't really funny for me to play the game, was also depressed. During the last few years I just fixed my mind and somehow remembered this game and I found it funny to replicate some anime scenes by self sparring, and boxshu is fun af, and I can tell you that I only got better and am having fun in the game because my mind got refreshed. Maybe you are just tired so you don't really care to try new styles and spend time studying strategies for competitive mods? In this case I highly recommend that you stop. Give it a break, play other games and come back later when you really feel like it will be worth it. Nothing much different from what some people said here.
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tbf is life worth the grind
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