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About Us

Welcome to 61, an Aikido-based team welcoming all that play for fun, competitively, or both via in a Bushido and/or Team Aikido vision and style that encompass our foundation as a team, or those passionate who wish to innovate their respective mod on a given platform, etc. As Aikidokas in 61, we ground ourselves in the systems we learn and inspire from, and strive to innovate those systems for better play, as we predominantly refuse forbidden techniques within the clan, that being shoveling and lifting, and expand beyond such. Though, despite our love for Aikido, we are open to all who play different mods from different backgrounds.

61 offers and prioritizes a safe and friendly community within its forums and its servers, where etiquette is the team's priority, multi-clanning for those in different clans, an armband ranking hierarchy system for those who play for fun or competitively, coaching and instruction for Aikido through the pedagogies of Team Aikido and Bushido, potential events and tourneys suited for our and other playstyles of Aikido, and much more to come as time progresses.

Regulations and Policies

Clan Regulations
1.1. Invitation only as of November 9th, 2023. May be subject to change.
1.2. Please name yourself after your in-game username within the server, in-game names only and must include the clan you reside in. Ex. [clan]username.
1.3. Leave your ego at the door.
1.3.A Higher ranked practitioners are to pass down the knowledge they know down to lower ranked practitioners by aiding and mentoring lower ranked practitioners, vice-versa, lower ranked practitioners learn and listen to higher ranked practitioners.
1.4. Drama, altercations, disagreements and arguments are not permitted within the 61 team.
1.4.A Please have a general knowledge of common respect and decency to others, and any altercations/drama are to be deescalated and held outside of the team.
1.5. Have human decency, respect and politeness towards all that come within the team. Don't be a dick.
1.5.A We ask all to please respect others no matter the ranking or position they may have within the team or outside the team, racial and ethnic background, sexual orientation, religious occupation, etc. Actions such as racial slurs and insults, derogatory insults, homophobic slurs, etc. harm the community in which we try our best to protect, and is NOT acceptable within 61 whatsoever.
1.6. Multi-clanning is allowed and encouraged. Please refer back to us if you plan on multi-clanning.
1.7. Respect the environment of the clan and its contents, which include the forums, server, and other places of 61.
In-Game Regulations
2.1. Be a good sport, bad sportsmanship is absolutely unacceptable within the team.
2.1.A Show respect when drilling with a partner, offer some space for your partner drilling to learn a technique, as well for offering some resistance when told. Rule 1.3. applies here as well for higher and lower ranked practitioners.
2.1.B Don't be a spaz, communicate with your partner whether you want to flow roll/light or hard spar.
2.1.C Take the time to acknowledge and learn from your mistakes. Emotional responses and outbursts to your mistakes are completely unacceptable.
2.1.D Keep it light when sparring/rolling with newer practitioners or inexperienced players.
2.2. Forbidden techniques such as shoveling and lifting within other mods (such as cheesing in MMA-based mods) are completely discouraged WITHIN the 61 team, and may result in an ejection from the team if the practitioners style mainly contains lifting/shoveling.
2.2.A Although shoveling and lifting techniques and forbidden within 61, do NOT force, bully or shame others to play by an Team Aikido and/or a Bushido way outside of the clan. Shoveling and lifting techniques are only forbidden for those who majorly associate themselves with 61 and clan members of 61.
2.2.B If you are being shoveled or lifted in some way, counter it and give none back whatsoever.
2.2.C Accidents to happen, and shoveling and lifting can happen accidently. If you think you are being shoveled or lifted by another 61 practitioner, communicate and stop the technique. If shoveling and/or lifting blatently persists, report to higher-ups.
2.3. Wearing your armband color is a symbol of your rank, and is mandatory for all 61 members.
2.3.A Wearing an armband color or adding stripes to your armband you did not earn is completely unacceptable, and is punishable by ejection.
2.3.B Practitioners are allowed to customize their arm band texture, but their arm band must be their dominant color according to what rank color they reside in.

Aikido Arm Band System Codex
3.1 Your Arm Band is a symbol of your rank, treat it as such with respect.
3.2. Being within the team to earn a virtual rank without actively participating within the community is discouraged.
3.2.A If you focus on your band ranking more than your intent of becoming a better Aikidoka, then you will ultimately stay a beginner.
3.2.B Involving yourself with the community, earning others respect and actively rolling with higher ranked practitioners is encouraged.
3.2.C Having a higher ranked band color does not institute you better than lower ranked practitioners. Rule 1.3. applies here.
3.2.D Those who play for fun and competitively are eligible for promotion.
3.3. We rank/promote based on skill, time, involvement with the community, etc., not purely based on prerequisites and expectations.
3.4. Instructors such as Red, Coral, Black and Brown Bands can directly promote lower ranked practitioners.
3.4.A The band ranks mentioned above cannot promote someone to the same belt as them or beyond their current rank.
3.5. Your armband rank can also be displayed using the retexturable Grappler's Belt.
3.6. Players that are not within the clan can participate within the clan's band ranking system. Rule 1.5. applies here.
3.7. There is a stripe system that accompanies your armband.
3.7.A. There are up to four stripes for each band ranking, stripes are not necessary to promote to the next band rank except for the White Band.
3.8. As of November 18th, 2023, for those who are within 61, via being a clan member, multi-clanning, participating within the band ranking system, wearing your arm band is mandatory. This may be subject to change.
Aikido Arm Band Promotion Codex
4.1. Can be promoted via 1-on-1 promotional test to see what the practitioner knows at their current arm band color, a student can only be tested by a Brown Band or higher and can only be tested when offered for promotion if the higher-up thinks the lower band color is to be promoted.
4.1.A When offered a test, the practitioner offering the test feels as the tester is fit for promotion. Here are some things you should do when taking a test:
It's okay to stress, don't beat yourself up on things that may be perceived as easy mistakes, your attempts at going for certain techniques speak louder than the execution of them.
Try to go for the techniques you've learned at your respective arm band rank against the person that is testing you.
If you do not get promoted at the end of the test, its okay, review the replays from the test, improve on them, etc. and wait and/or ask for a retest.
4.2. Can be promoted on the spot if some practitioners of Brown Band and/or higher agree on the promotion via the practitioners skill in replays, and skill in-game. (depends on the promotion itself, may vary)
4.2.A This scenario can best occur if you actively roll with higher-ups.
4.3. Can be promoted if practitioner is responsible for victories of clan wars, Aikido events, world tournaments, etc.

Aikido Arm Band Ranking System

The contents below are INCOMPLETE, and a majority of the system shown below are subject to be updated and changed over time. In this forum post, not all of the expectations to promote to the next color on the arm band are shown, as they can be found on our Discord, especially for those who seek the armband texture.

61 offers a ranking system via arm band color, where the arm band color a practitioner must wear symbolizes their experience and rank within Aikido and the clan, that of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu belt ranking system. There are seven achievable band colors within 61.

White Band - Fundamentals (基本)

This band color focuses on the fundamental building blocks that form a beginning practitioner's game. In 61, the majority of newcomers start here.

Blue Band - Persistence - (Wrestling Throws, 柔道 Judo | 足技 Ashi-Waza)
This band color focuses on dabbling into more advanced techniques from Team Aikido and other systems. The Blue Band is the stage where a 61 Aikidoka gains a sustainable and adequate skillset that is effective against others on the mat.

Purple Band - (柔道 Judo | 投げ技 Nage-Waza, มวยไทย Muay Thai, Bushido Throws and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)
This band color is the first advanced rank within 61, and is the stage where practitioners learn more technical and difficult techniques that are specifically reserved for Purple Bands.

Brown Band - Refinition
This band color is the stage where 61 Aikidoka's begin to take all of their previous learned techniques, principles, etc. and refine them.

Black Band - Expertise
This band color denotes a practitioner an expert of Team Aikido, 61, Bushido, etc. systems.

Coral Band - Mastery
This band color denotes a practitioner a master of Team Aikido, 61, Bushido, etc. systems.

Red Band - The Apex

This band color is reserved for those in 61 or other related system such as Team Aikido, Bushido, etc. who push, innovate, inspire and care for the communities that they reside in.

White Band - Fundamentals (基本)
The White Band is the beginning of your Aikido journey. There is no prerequisite to obtain the White Band, as all that participate within 61's Band Ranking system are automatically subject to a stripeless White Band (no stripes on the rank bar).
What should White Bands focus on?
White Bands should be focusing on learning the very basics of Aikido through the Team Aikido Knowledge Board, higher ups in 61, etc. These "basics" we've provided what a White Band should learn at each belt (though not beyond these fundamentally important techniques):

I. Stance (Center of Gravity, Base, Balance, Kuzushi a.k.a. off-balancing, Positioning/Level Change)
II. Points of Control
III. Forces
IV. Damage
V. Strategy
Techniques and Fundamentals
Basic Suplex
Snap Kick
Pin Pressuring
Post Denials

What do I need to learn to earn stripes on my armband?

61 Aikidoka with one stripe on their White Band.
We award stripes based on:
Time Spent Learning and Training
Aikido Knowledge
Behaviour on Attitude on the Mat
Performance in-game

Though, despite that, we do have some prerequisites and expectations that White Bands should meet in order to promote to each stripe, as White Bands need four stripes in order to promote to the next band color/rank.
We expect White Bands to perform these techniques LIVE on the mats against an active opponent if they intend on becoming promoted, whether that be by stripe or to the next band color. However order you choose to improve is up to you as a practitioner. Here are the expectations to have chances at being promoted to each stripe.

These techniques are extremely effective used by all band ranks that can help you win and dominate others on the mats, and is pivotal to your success as a practitioner. Send replays of you performing these techniques in Aikido-based mods (ex. Aikido, ABD, Aikidobiggerdojo). Higher band ranked practitioners will critique your replays to better assist in sharpening your technique before higher ranked practitioners can better judge whether you are fit to be promoted to the next stripe.

Some of these techniques in-depth can be learned from the Team Aikido Channel, within the team in the ⁠tutorials channel, from higher band ranked practitioners, etc.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to frequently drill (repeat multiple amounts of times against a scripted Uke, on the mats against someone else, etc.) these techniques to truly understand the steps to execute them.

(Reminder, learning and executing these techniques are only a part of the progression of being promoted to a Blue Band, there are still multiple different aspects that go into a game of Aikido that White Bands still must learn, understand and apply on the mats.)


Our Honors

This section of this post is dedicated to the ones who inspire, encourage and impact the 61 community, whether that be people, organizations, or clans, these entities serve to what keeps 61 pushing forward, and what it is now, that of the past and present, inactive or active. This list is subject to updates and improvements overall.

An innovator of multiple planes of Toribash in general through mods, organizations, etc. Snake has been a huge help in the development of 61, kudos!
[Spyder]footlox (aka. Aquita)
The forefront of Team Aikido and its development with an excellent playstyle that involves its pegagogies.
Has been extremely supportive since the beginning involving the communities in which we reside in since the beginning, thank you!

Contents are subject to change as they are unfinished.
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