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Team Lenshu
Team Lenshu is an organization where all lenshu players can come together and do everything from discussing to playing the mods. Team Lenshu accepts all skill levels of lenshu players and believes in helping the newer and less experienced players to become better players.

What we stand for
Team Lenshu’s main goal is to create a community which has and supports the more competitive side of lenshu, as well as teaches and helps the casual or players hoping to get better.

History of Lenshu
The first version of Lenshu.tbm was created in 2008 by Vigilante. There has been many versions of lenshu that had been made on the base of the original Lenshu.tbm. The most popular version of lenshu.tbm which was created in 2010 by a player named Snake which is called Lenshu3ng.tbm. Throughout the years Lenshu3ng.tbm has consistently been one of the most played and regarded as one of the most skilled and balanced mods within Toribash.

Team Lenshu Rules
The rules of Team Lenshu are quite simple and easy to follow.
- Posts must be relevant and on topic.
- Be respectful when posting.
- All global forum rules apply.
- Don’t forget to go all out bananas. ;)

Join The Team
For the most part we want free forum applications. Within these applications we would like to see:
- The reason you want to join the Team.
- Brief history of your Toribash experience.
- Favorite variation of Lenshu.

Join The Talk
Team Lenshu uses Discord as our main source of communication. You can reach our discord server with the following link.
- -

Bank of Team Lenshu
We will use items and tc within the bank to fund our events and tournaments.

Team Lenshu has not hosted any events yet.
Stay tuned!

The Team

The Team

Honored Legends of Lenshu

Art will be added soon
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Aye look we're alive and we got a swanky new thread.
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Yeah man! We are still waiting on the art at the moment, it'll be even fancier man. Time to revive this shit! We are planning to do a few tournaments in the future.
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At the moment Thanatos is making the art. Although since he doesn't have a computer he said he might have some trouble so we might have to get someone else to do it if he wants.
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Anything about the ranks? Not important just plus info
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At the moment the ranks are kinda self explanatory.
Member: Just all the members of Team Lenshu.
Distinguished: More experienced players recognized by Team Lenshu.
Master: Top tier lenshu players that have surpassed all others.

Give us suggestions and let us know what you guys would like to see.

We plan on doing some events soon so keep your eyes open for that, we got some good prizes.
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