I can't seem to watch that replay properly, not even with 4.1
From what I see, the run is pretty good, maybe a little unbalanced after the jump but that's ok
Some tricking at the end if I'm not mistaken, and it looks nice and flows well
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I can't seem to watch that replay properly, not even with 4.1

Did you download the mod or have you tried freecam?
Two weeks is a long time.

Anyways, a wip of a parkour replay.
I might not continue it due to the wonky positioning i've done.
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I really like the slide and the "star". It just seemed a bit strange when you jumped with one leg.
I liked how you jumped off the bar, it wasn't anything outstanding but it looked pretty neat.
It sure is spinny.
I liked the run and spin. The spin was really awesome.
The spin to decap was super good. The decap looked kinda weak but that probably happened because of how your body was twisting against the direction.
The elbow punch didn't have any flaw, it looked pretty cool. Nothing impressive though.
Spinny replay, i love it :3
Well, nice opener, the spins were really fast and looked beautiful.
Punches were really powerful, actually the last punch was the best.
Awesome movement bro.
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