Thanks for putting in the mod.

Runner's high: I think your chest was not synced to your steps, but it's not that much of a big deal.
Right after you grabbed the bar you didn't move for a while, it broke the flow a bit.
I did however love what you did on the bar, how you gained momentum and propelled yourself with your legs from the bar.
Great handspring and roll, and you got up pretty quickly.
The jump to the wall was very nice.
Nobody will agree with me, but I loved when you used your leg on the wall to do some tricking at the end.
oh yeah
It's simple, but the boomhit was impressive, and I somehow liked the opener.
The pose didn't stand still, but I'm not gonna be picky about that.
oh yeah
The opener was nice.
Boom was fantastic and powerful.
The pose was epicly fail.
You can do a more better pose.
Simple replay
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I should stop posting incomplete replays. I finished the replay "Bam" but It feels like it is missing something

Also, A finisher-esque type of replay. It kinda sucks but I had fun making it.
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Bam.rpl (165.5 KB, 43 views)
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Dammit spry.. stop making us all look bad.

The other Green

Opener was ok in the sense that you couldnt have got a self decap that quickly in many other ways so..
First volley sucked.. I gotta say, arms too stiff, wasnt very high.
Second was much better
Split was perfect
The Chest boom was so awesome.. couldnt stop watching it.
Then the setup to the decap was just phenomenal. (Good job to larfen for whichever part he did)
The helicopter thing was pretty cool
The gymnastic/ninja style bounce back was very nice and smooth
Pose was excellent.

A little stiff in the first 150 frames but thats it dude.. a beauty of a replay


*EDIT* Should I c&c the spar thing too?
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I think bam needs a skeetshot to those glutes that would finish it i think
And the other green
Selfdecap was nice the juggle with feet was good too
Also nice job to larfen for that awesome decap
It was good over all but i think the pose could have been better maybe fix it?

bam 9/10
Green 9.5/10
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