runescape isn't dead it has a huge player base like it always had, it's highest was like a million players or 100k+ all at one time, but that was like a bot raid or something, it has like a 10-30k player base right now
everyone wants the game to be revived, people may not agree that hampa can fix it but the people that care want it to be revived. #MakeToribashGreatAgain.
Hey hampa if you ever see this what if sent $1000 to your paypal so you can make an ad? I want people to play this again like tell large youtuber to play toribash sponsor them
*Cough* pewdiepie *Cough*
Ill even add more money


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Very alive

I feel special with your reply to my comment, now I want to ask you questions because I'm a cuck.

One is, do you plan on going out of your way to try and revive this community? As we all are aware, and I am sure you more than anyone, this community is dying and is continuing to do so. Do you have a plan to try and resurrect community?

Do you often read the forums?

What are your general feelings towards this community, as in the way it looks to an outsider, etc.

I'm fairly certain none of these will get answered, but I felt like shooting them your way anyhow.