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I wrote this a while ago for the "Who is Who" project but it was disregarded and an inferior interview was posted in its place. I guess this as good a place as any to finally post it since most people wont know half of it and some find this sort of stuff interesting.

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I'm 22, live in New Zealand, and I like cardistry.

This timeline is mostly in order. It's mainly the things I can remember off the top of my head.

2008 - 2009
It all started when I heard about Toribash from a friend. After I learned you could even throw your own head or limbs at the enemy, I decided to give it a try. My friend never played the game himself, and I couldn't interest him in trying it either.

I had Toribash for about two years and I only played single player when I had time to kill. One of the clients I downloaded didn't want to let me play without logging in, or I just got tired of the login screen, and I ended up registering this account.

First time I ever played online was late 2009. That was when you could put any tag before your name. Back then I didn't actually know that tags were for clans, or what a clan was. I put [Fish] in front of my name when I played on an alt so people knew it was me. Someone thought it was a clan and somehow ended up joining it.

- Posted a thread for [Fish] and started using the forums.
- [Fish] became official.
- Name change: iFish23 -> Fish
- Got lifetime ToriPrime.
- Suggestions local moderator.
- Joined the Clan Council.
- Became a ToriAgent.
- Met Toribash's finest 12 year old, Echoforce.
- Became a Clan Mod.
- Started Outside

- Became a Gamemaster for a few weeks.
- Became a Super Moderator for a few months.
- Sold a giant size seven bolded pink exclamation mark to 2worlds for 81,603 TC, before wibbles was removed, in my very first auction on Toribash.
- Became an Administrator for years to come.
- Somehow got VIP.
- Made green hats, which were far superior the red submarines of the time.

I had a lot of fun setting up for the April fools prank. I don't know how long it will be before we top that. We probably put more effort into that than any other project we did this year.

At this point I was halfway through my three year programming course, and I started coding in my spare time. I ended up getting a developer account for Toribash and started with the shared banking system. Then I began work on a new clan system. This was my first time doing any web development. This is also about the time I implemented the traffic light message system. To this day, most of the torishop, clan system and even forum globals are powered by traffic lights.

It was around this time I was competing with firebolty to see who could get the most TC in Toribash. I got up to 9.1m, he reached 13m. Then all my TC was sunk because of the cap.

- Started working as a site developer for Toribash. Lots of updates for the Torishop.
- Made the clan war system.
- Continued running the council.
- Helped manage the smod and admin team.
- Added ishi colours to ishi's username.

- Finally got around to hosting the Green Hat event with the arrival of the new 3d objects. Had a pretty good turn out. Was a fair bit of work. GG shades.
- Turned over clan administration to Stellar/Ryan.
- Still heavily involved with the overall administration. At the moment it's mainly ishi and myself keeping an eye on things.
- Crafted this obnoxious flashing username just because...

Still doing site dev stuff.

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Oh, i'm still remember that your nick iFish23 xD, also my cousin joined your clan too and his nick is Martabaks lel.
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these fam are unforgettable for sure

Aegis | jdawg2001 | rawrneru | Manta | DarkDranz | Trice | Raiken

Aeon - RAM - Liquor

How do you feel about the old mantra "Fish are friends, not food."? Are your kind really friends? Is there hope for a peaceful coexistence between mankind and fishkind? Or do the sushi restaurants have the right idea? Do we need to eliminate you before it's too late?
heh, kinda like a journal

anyway, anything in specific that made you fall in love with cardistry?
the goblin
Ben: are you there?
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You still owe a drawing of me.

light painting attempts

To be honest I've pretty much nailed it already, but I don't think more practice would hurt. I might take another whack at it tomorrow night.