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The biggest mistake I see most people making is they try to skip as many classes as possible. Don't do that and you're basically guaranteed to pass. It took me 3 hours to travel there and back and most weeks I wouldn't miss anything. Sometimes you get people that live on campus missing classes. I never really understood why, because not as many of them actually get the degree they're paying thousands for.

This is incredibly good advice. As someone heading into college, this is something I try to keep in mind at all times. Keep being a good role model, etc.
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Great! Another scholar besides Viper.

When did you graduate? If you have yet.

I lived on Campus myself, and like you saw many individuals skipping Classes. Never looked as much into it like you did, but glad someone did. I was always holed up as my courses required an almost uncountable number of trial and error experiments with sound.

Interested to hear more from your experience with College, as I don't run into too many people on here who have done too much with it, or maybe I am not looking hard enough.

As far as I have seen, your work here has been great! Education really goes a long way. Hope to catch you for a better conversation soon Fish, think it could be a learning experience for both of us.
Tell me the story of your tomato plant
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In my hallway I had a tomato plant. It grew all over the place but it wasn't producing any fruit. I cut it down so it'd regrow. I watered it every day. Eventually it grew up straight, instead of winding around all over the table.

About the time it started producing its first baby tomatoes, I was practicing throwing cards. I kept throwing cards down the hall past the plant. One time I threw a card which went to the side towards the plant. I saw it nick stem before hitting the wall behind it. It was about then that I figured I better find another place to throw cards so I wouldn't be endangering my tomato plant; Before I could finish the thought, the stem sank to the soil and fell over sideways. The card had actually sliced right through.

My card had a bit of green goo on it and the plant was roughly one third of its original height. All those weeks of watering the plant were wasted. I was sad. It never really grew again and I eventually got rid of it.

Nowadays it's a story I tell annoying people in #support when they complain about how unfair life is and how corrupt the moderators are because they didn't let them get away with stealing someone's account and all their items with it.
god that's a beautiful story
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