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So phail, when are you gonna be an admin?

told you

congrats man
please phail i am from nigeria make accunt with sweat and sacrifice i only not to recieve email notification in vain. i promise i behave i do good my account do good. need much tc for mother in hospital to pay bills and heartless toil. not hack any accounts i swear by it i am honest. my account dies a part of me dies. god help me pls have mercy and comprehension admin haora

many thanks for knowledge understanding in help restore life through account of much work held accountable by actions to which not guilty -XxtertyBR47956345678xX

--- Congrats btw, have fun with it lol. It's not worth it getting too involved into administering a forum like this if you don't have fun or enjoy doing it whenever
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Phail, as a fan of facial hair I must ask:
Can you grow a beard, mustache, goatee, or any variation of these? If so, then why is your face naked? :c
I hate living in Texas -_-
hi gymbash, sorry I'm late to respond to your message. I can grow a bit of facial hair but it's missing a patch so I stay clean shaven whenever I go outside or near a camera. wbu
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