this shit is fuckin lit as a bitch yknow what im sayin

i guess im not winning now aHa
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I like that you threw his torso up and the self damage bash, those were pretty sweet, not much to point out overall. The pose was a good bonus
oh yeah
this is a great replay.

smooth movement, perfect manipulation, and satisfying dms. bonus skeet too. not even ONE subpar movement in this replay. 10/10
alright guy
I had the opportunity of losing to Toad twice, already, during this month (both in multy and in the OC) so I am here to pay the deserved respect to his replay thread.

Monster: classy, fluid replay. This style of replay-making resembles mine a lot, so I am happy to see it! I was hoping for a torso DM but the decap was anyway interesting

Twichty asf: solid replay, especially for the clapping dm at 250 circa

Equinox: masterpiece! I was not expecting the final dm's but I was pleasantly surprised.

If you did this being rusty, I can't imagine you in full forces!

not much, but the flow is nice!

interested in how you can continue off that tho
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quick collab with Nausea go check his thread, i love him <3
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two of some of my favorite current replay makers making a sick collab, nice

last hit was awkward though
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