Opener is by far the most interesting thing I've seen in a good while.

Manip is alright and just done well to have the hits go into one another even though there's some stops and starts between that look a little iffy.

Could definitely do something mad with the setup towards the end
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.
surprisingly pretty sweet, manip section seems a bit empty at times but its all clean and smooth, split punch was pretty satisfying but would have been more satisfying if the stomach piece went flying and the rest feels relatively uninspired, a 4dm seems possible with minimal editing and i dont feel like the skeet at the end really does such a cool replay justice unless it were to decap, it's unfortunate that the torso flies so far but it makes me wonder what you'd be able to do with a little more effort. cool replay
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this shit slaps
very nice movement, very creative in some instances (i.e 820 to 680)
overall very solid and i really cant think of anything to complain about that wouldnt be some ridiculous nitpicking
awesome stuff please make more ty
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movement is cool at the start, lift is pretty unique and sets you up nicely. like tabby said at some points in the manip its a little stiff because youre waiting for uke to come down to move him again. the first dm also seems a little awkward. kick after is nice. skeet is not really satisfying. like tabby said again if u had put more time into the ending would be an even better replay.