Congrats to everyone!

Crazy to see Flash a legend now, makes me feel really good about this fight I had with him in xspar.tbm

Hopefully, we get to see some leaders from the high-gravity community step up and really clean things up to be considered for legend status.
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If there is effort, there is always accomplishment. - Jigoro Kano
Mocucha and Concon are based. Everyone else is a skilled god
[dog] Is and always will be my favorite clan
RKG bb ily, also where the Evil legend clan at huh :3 and seeing all these legends in game finally raising their crown is nice
'Haku is my lenshu senpai uwu' ~ Static
Faint said that once I got 10 staff complaints (for imposing the censor ingame) I would get legend. I was lied to.

Corrupt Legends committee.