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You're definitely good ingame, but I'm worrying about your forum activity.

Also, the application doesn't seem to have any effort inside, and looks like it's been made just using a minute or two.

Overall, NO.

I agree with Deal, You are good ingame, but the forum activity seems very low and it is a poor app.
Sorry, but No.
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Hello metal clan!
My name is felippe i have 12 years and i live in brazil, my cookies are cool (: and i speak portuguese (native language) and english.
The mods i play are: Judo, wushu, abd and etc, my activity in forum are good and in-game amazing :P
i want to join in metal to do new friends and i see you guys are very good like the clan.

and i want to say no, coz i can...
He is alt from Felnin.
Anyways, if kratos rejected , I agree :P
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Well, hello there.
First of all I would like to congrat all of you for making this clan official, especially Sainz.
About me, I'm from Poland and I'm 14.
About Toribash, I don't play it too much anymore, but I can be active on forum especially when I'm in a clan.
I would like to join because it's sure that this is a good clan, and because of members.
I will try to help in anything if I will now how. ;d
Hm, my last clans, Psy, Hunters (but not for a while), and Pure Chaos . I don't remember more clans. ;/
I don't know what else to say. Hope this is enough.
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Ofc, YES.
My man.
You forgot, Ace :P
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He told me he is bad at apps..
And he will be forum active mainly , don't have time for in-game..
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