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how do i control the power behind my hack because...

You have to use a lower force.
For example:
x: 100 y: 50 z: 20
If you half the values you get the same directon but a lower force (or speed)
x: 50 y: 25 z:10

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I feel I've missed alot on the forums..
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i know that i hack replays (i ant a good at it trust me :P ) but i was just asking
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Nah, I didn't add teleportation because I generally don't like teleportation in replays. There is already a teleportation script as far as I know anyway.
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ok 1 more thing when i move a joint to a spot then when i finish replay when i press r it doesnt show me how i did it its just tori staying nothing happends how to fix that
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