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NiKva's Taekkyon & Judo Replays
Taekkyon and Judo are the mods that I'm most proficient at, so these replays are the only ones I want to show :P

Feel free to criticize my moves, and give advice to how I could perfect my style.
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NiKva1.rpl (79.3 KB, 18 views)
NiKva2.rpl (35.8 KB, 12 views)
NiKva3.rpl (41.0 KB, 11 views)
NiKvaJudo1.rpl (52.2 KB, 14 views)
Haha that was funny when you made him disqualify by kicking his shoulder joint down. Pretty nice.
All: 8/10
Love the Taekkyon one's.
Thank you for the compliment
Here are some more Taekkyon replays with a little more dismembering
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NiKva8.rpl (57.7 KB, 10 views)
NiKva7.rpl (66.0 KB, 8 views)
NiKva6.rpl (54.7 KB, 8 views)
NiKva5.rpl (49.3 KB, 9 views)
NiKva4.rpl (52.0 KB, 8 views)