Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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I'd say best in the destruction but I wouldn't say it's your best ever

im not a huge fan of the opener, just looked really unnatural but maybe thats just something about the style that i don't understand

the first 2 hits im a fan of but then you get this chest dm that im not sure i like, it would have been great if it wasn't as indistinct as your other dms, but it's not very noticeable on your first watch, dm on the leg was pretty cool though

then you get a boom which actually looked pretty good, but you ghosted and you were in an awkward position afterwards

the decap was ok but you hit it with your leg instead of your foot

I really liked how you got into the pose though, looked really elegant

tbh I think you've made better replays than this, it's not bad but I wouldn't say it's your best
part of the uri-nation
you clean your ears with a toothpick while listening to explosive diarrhea blood rectum metal
d4yr collab

i did the opener, the decap and elbow dm, the rest is d4yr's
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hey dude, forgot to cnc when you posted it but this replay is actually pretty sick ur already better than kbx

i think in general what stands out to me the most is the super interesting opener, i really like when people extend everything and really try to do some flamboyant launches and shit, it looks awesome and the arm dms are pretty sweet too, reminds me of some bish replays. good job on the amount of arm dms too

the second hit is pretty awkward, which is where my first actual criticism comes in. its cool when players jump into things and let their imagination run wild, but its another thing when this imagination leads you into positions that force you to cop-out and go for really generic grabs and hits, the latter being what's present here for the next two hits. my advice would be to consider more closely where your tori is, what position the limbs are in, and what type of other hits you could go for. its a completely stylistic thing, but i'd have raised the shoulder after the first hit to make the hit look just that little bit more satisfying, as well as that letting you go for some kind of grab switch or something

the second hit DMs wise is okay, its a pretty decent amount, but you could have totally gotten more. the same could be said for the hit after

on the topic of the last hit, i usually advise players against using one grab for two hits, especially when its very forced like this, because it can really take away from the pacing of the replay. in the start of the replay, you're really going for this super flowy flamboyant kind of movement style, and it completely changes to pure focused destruction right after the first hit. its not a bad thing, its just ill-advised from me

the transition to the pose is overall cool, though i would have been 1000% more satisfied if the pose happened at about 140, instead of going for the extra spin

all in all this replay is pretty sweet dude, i know my cnc sounds pretty harsh but its honestly really cool, i'd like to see more of this kind of movement (though, with a little bit more balance between going for hits)
i tried to make a pose at 140 but its real hard to balance so i went for more spins
thank you so much !