Don't shout at Nabi for the market changing, the market fluctuates on an hourly basis.

They made a lot more stuff affordable to give the game more of a hook for newer players.

Play More, Afford more items, Look cool, Keep Playing
Play more, Gain Qi, Go up tiers, Access to more items, Keep Playing.

The fact they've added a hook is excellent, it didn't have much of one before.

Please learn to understand how markets work before shouting at a company who had nothing to do with it.
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Guys the prices of TC changes from time to time depending on the supply and Demand.

For instance, when firebolty sold his 13kk TC this supplied many people with a good amount of TC and brought the price for TC at 10k/$1 normal. Now since there are not many sellers they price will go up to 7k/$1 or 8k/$1. There is a high demand for TC atm and not many suppliers so prices will go up that is just how the market is.

And No I don't believe TC prices should change cause the market will (most of the time be better than shop price.
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Well, if they make the stuff cheaper, The player's would buy stuff from toribash more often. That may actually help the game.
I'm never aware of tc price changes so I'm always selling at 10k/$
Right now I'm selling 100k, if anyone is interested.

Also, if you can buy credits cheaper from players, why do you want to change the shop price?
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I totially agree, it's basically a dollar for 1k which like nothing!

First of all they are talking about the value of toricredits when transfered from user to user, not Torishop. Second, when you buy toricredits from Torishop the toricredits are generated. They did not come from a player, or a stockpile of toricredits that was compiled over the years. It is spawned as soon as the transaction is completed. If toricredits were to be sold in Torishop for the common user-to-user rate, the value of toricredits would go down immensely.