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Frame select during single player editing.
Heyo, I kind of looked around for this and didn't find it, but instead of watching your replay all the way to frame 1500 and trying to edit in a dm, messing up and watching your replay to the end again. How hard would it be to create a single player command for /editframe 1500 and it would load up frame 1500 to start editing.
Nice, when making replays I sometimes fuck up and half to wait 2 days to get on the right frame, then I some how fuck it up even more. Would help

Oemge I won't have to hack the rplays anymore. This could also mess up a replay. Overall:

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Nice. Sometimes you have to wait until you can edit the replay, and then fail again. This would be good to aim hits better, too.

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How does this have to do with replays and suggestions, lmao.

Anyways, I always screw up my replay accidentally pressing "e" before the frame I want, I'd really love to see this happen, I am behind it 100%.
Great idea man. Also, this may be harder, but in addition to this, you can have a /keepreplay on/off command. It could help when maybe you just held your hand, and you want to remove it because it just doesnt look right, but since it has happend early, the whole replay would have been screwed up. So this would either just allow you to make that one litle change and then continue the replay as it is, or you could have it off if you want to change the replay from the frame you have selected.

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I absolutely hate waiting 4 years when making for example, A long parkour,tricking,spar replay in SP,

If this got implumented it would pretty much help out a lot of replaymakers.

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