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Frame select during single player editing.
Heyo, I kind of looked around for this and didn't find it, but instead of watching your replay all the way to frame 1500 and trying to edit in a dm, messing up and watching your replay to the end again. How hard would it be to create a single player command for /editframe 1500 and it would load up frame 1500 to start editing.
100% Supported. I've had replays where I end up entering at the wrong point and losing lots of progress, and it sucksssss. Plus it could make replays look a lot better in general. •Supported•
Kinda like something i suggested some time ago, called "Backwards Edit"
It was an idea, that would make people go back in frames.

Fully Supported.
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It'll be really helpful, especially if we can somehow make the replay loop from that point, so pressing R would skip to the frame too

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Awesome idea sometimes i need to pause at the exact point to DM uke or something and i fail everytime >.> so this eould be a big help!

~Supported c:~
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