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What happen with seing players move.
In toribash there was always a way to see another players actions at 4.5 toribash client. Now that the game completely updated drastically. i currently don't know why everyplayer have to guess another move being done each frame. Aikido big dojo was like contract pecs and extend glutes space... Once the both of the players complete the turn there is no way seing what they have done towards the change but just guess the changes. 4.5 was actually different contract both pec and extend both glute and space. Another player can see my contract both pec and extend both glute. Now in the current patch 4.95 there is no way telling the player can see both of my pec extend both glute and contract both pec space. While in game the player can't see the move being done same with my self. Can someone tell me why toribash change in this certain way throughout the years.
He means you used to be able to see joint positions of your opponent (I think)
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yes after finishing the frame and fighting the next frame. Why don't we see the joint changes anymore? Anyone has the answer?
...but there wasn't such a feature in Toribash?

Only spectators can see what the currently fighting players do if realtimeghost is turned on.
Er... maybe it's just that he can't see the other players ghosts? I don't know, the wording was sort of weird. If that is the case, it's press B iirc to activate. If you are talking about realtimeghosts, then Sir already answered you.
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No, he's talking about how when you fight, can't see your opponent's Relax/Contract/Etc.

that it?