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Make the 5k tourney not frustrating for everyone
So I love the cycle of mods in tourneys, but the mods in the 5k are just horrible.

Everyone I ask hate going to the 5k because of the horrible mods that make people really hate the game and just want to quit. I understand that the 5k tourney, having the largest prize, should require skill in many different mods. So I see grappling and striking, those are awesome. But the kicking? Everyone goes, "aww fuck, I have to play [tekkayon, earthtk, taido]"

I don't blame them, because the mods are terrible. The DM threshold is FUCKING AWFUL. Totally unpredictable, a light tap to the glute may rip your legs off. Or a heavy blow to the lumbar might give you a few thousand points. The worst part is that you can DM your limbs bymoving too fast. Many times I have attempted a snap kick and just before contact, my knee can't support the momentum of my shin. That means the DM threshold is so low, that it begins to create a limit to how fast you can kick or swing an arm for it not to break.

If a mod were to have such limitations, how could anyone enjoy competing for a tournament prize? Such a mod shouldn't even be in any official room. Especially the room of the highest TC prize in the entire game.
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I agree, the mods is really not good on it, just do abd,greykido.
I just lose 5 times, 1 hit I got wrecked, and i kick so hard and noone gets hurt. luck.
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Being a server suggestion, this should be posted here.
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